Cease Your Cat From Leaping on the Kitchen Counters

Should you’re a cat proprietor, you’ll have found that your cat likes to hang around in your kitchen counters. Though some individuals suppose it’s OK to let their cats “counter surf,” this can be a unhealthy behavior that ought to be prevented (or stopped if it’s already occurring). Kitty counter browsing presents a lot of potential hazards to each cats and their human house owners.

For instance, a cat that usually jumps up on a kitchen counter could possibly be in danger for touchdown on a sizzling range or ingesting chemical residue from not too long ago used cleansing merchandise. Its proprietor could possibly be in danger for sanitary points that come up when cats get into meals. The cat walks on its paws within the litter field after which in your counter. There’s excessive potential to unfold any micro organism from the litterbox onto the counter. This might result in micro organism making its approach into meals. It could possibly be particularly harmful for anybody with a compromised or weak immune system (youngsters, aged, pregnant girls, and many others.) It’s finest to maintain your cat off the counter tops.

Why Do Cats Leap on the Counter?

Kitchen counters appeal to cats like a magnet for a number of causes. When you determine the explanation your cat likes the countertop a lot, you need to use this info to switch or redirect your cat’s habits.

  • Cats love heights. Get any two cats along with a climbing tree or cat tower, and also you’ll have a ready-made recreation of “King of the Hill.” Counter tops are simply excessive sufficient so that almost all cats can both soar up from the bottom or get assist from a well-positioned chair.
  • Kitchen counters scent good! They’re usually loaded with tempting issues to eat, comparable to uncooked hen elements, floor beef, or yesterday’s tuna casserole that’s able to be reheated for dinner. A carelessly cleaned countertop may be residence to crumbs and spills {that a} cat may get pleasure from nibbling on.
  • Cats like contemporary operating water. Some cats are additionally interested in operating water within the kitchen sink, and for a lot of cats, that is their predominant supply of their consuming water. Though the kitchen sink might be cleaner than the bathroom, there are higher options to your kitty.

Cease Counter Leaping

You may make use of a couple of coaching strategies to encourage your cat to remain off the countertop. These have confirmed to achieve success, however it’s essential to predominant consistency if you’d like your cat (or cats) to get off and keep off the kitchen counter tops.

Strive the strategy that works finest to your scenario and/or that your cat responds to most positively.

  • Apply sticky tape to the sting of the counter. Cats hate the sensation of sticky tape. As soon as they really feel the tape on the sting of the counter, they’ll doubtless be discouraged after one or two tries. The drawback is that you’ll have to maintain reapplying the tape indefinitely and the adhesive could also be tough to wash up afterward. Additionally, the cat could outsmart you and discover a approach to get on the counter by avoiding the sting.
  • Tape a strip of crinkled aluminum foil alongside the counter. It’s not solely the texture of it on their toes, however the noise that deters cats. Bear in mind that this technique could also be disruptive to the best way you utilize your countertop and may be wasteful.
  • Use clicker coaching. Cat’s reply finest to optimistic reinforcement reasonably than punishment. Should you see your cat on the counter in search of meals, supply a deal with or different reward comparable to throwing a toy on the ground close to the counter, to entice them off. As soon as they soar off, pair the reward with a clicker which makes a sound. Ultimately your cat will affiliate the clicker with the reward and the clicker can be utilized by itself to lure your cat off the counter.
  • Remove the chair. In case your cat can solely get on the countertop with assist from a chair, transfer the chair and get rid of the increase.
  • Present authorized leaping targets. Put money into (or construct) a climbing tree or a cat tower to your kitty. Make it attention-grabbing sufficient to carry the cat’s consideration, and infrequently, “sweeten the deal” by hiding a tasty deal with on the high. Pet and reward your cat when it makes use of the climbing tree, so it can affiliate the brand new kitty furnishings with optimistic emotions.
  • Maintain your countertop clear. Take away a number of the temptations by not leaving meals, crumbs, or different treats on the counter that your cat could also be drawn to.
  • Handle the tap. In case your cat is continually consuming on the faucet, determine if there are stressors across the water bowl (is it close to the litterbox, close to a extremely trafficked space, and many others.) and get rid of the stress. Your cat could desire the chilly, contemporary water from the faucet, so change their water a couple of occasions a day and add an ice dice or two to maintain the temperature down. By no means depart the tap operating; it’s wasteful and tempting for the cat. It’s also possible to purchase a kitty water fountain that may maintain the water within the bowl flowing.

By utilizing somewhat ingenuity and staying “one soar” forward of your cat, you must be capable of discourage your kitty’s counter-surfing behavior.

Subsequent Steps

If nothing appears to work regardless of your consistency and energy, it might be time to name in a feline behavioral therapist. In such a scenario, the specialist will doubtless go to your property to evaluate the scenario and give you new habits modification strategies that will help you maintain your cat off the countertop.