Hamster Care 101: How one can Care For Your Hamster

Hamsters are lovable, and should you had one as a child, you most likely bear in mind them being straightforward pets to look after. That’s, after all, as a result of your mother and father doubtless took care of your hamster. As you may think about, it isn’t as straightforward to look after a hamster because it seemed as a child, however when you get right into a groove, it’s possible you’ll discover that it isn’t all that tough both. Contemplate the next your useful hamster care handbook.

How one can Take Care of a Hamster: The Fundamentals

If you’re excited about getting a hamster in your youngster, it will be finest in case your youngster is in elementary faculty or older.

“Sadly, this isn’t the proper small pet for younger youngsters. Hamsters require numerous care, can get nippy [and] should not at all times nice in tiny arms,” mentioned Laurie Hess, writer, unique animal veterinarian and proprietor of the Veterinary Middle for Birds & Exotics in Bedford Hills, New York.

In case your youngster is sufficiently old to deal with a hamster fastidiously and assist clear the cage, nonetheless, then Hess says a hamster is usually a good, enjoyable, instructional pet for households. When heading out to the pet retailer, you’ll wish to choose up the next:

  • Your hamster: whether or not you purchase one or two is dependent upon your choice and, extra importantly, the kind of hamster you’d like. Syrian hamsters ought to by no means be put in pairs, as they are going to violently struggle over territory as soon as they attain maturity, mentioned Cindy Cribbs of Haven for Hamsters Rescue & Sanctuary. Dwarf hamsters, Russian or Chinese language, are additionally well-liked hamsters, and whereas they are often territorial, they do effectively in pairs provided that they’re littermates or a mom and youngster, Cribbs mentioned.
  • A cage: buy a cage no less than 15 inches lengthy by 12 inches excessive, however go for one thing bigger should you can to offer your hamster extra room to train and discover. Make sure that the cage can also be escape-proof.
  • Bedding: as a common rule, the very best and healthiest sort of bedding is one which isn’t manufactured from wooden shavings. Attempt to discover bedding constructed from cellulose or plant-based paper fibers and keep away from cat litter, corn cobs, newspaper and any scented bedding (which incorporates chemical substances that may trigger respiratory bother).
  • Toys: an train wheel is a should to stop boredom, and you may as well buy a ball in your hamster to run round a room in below your supervision.
  • Meals: you should buy luggage of hamster combine, which can typically have a mix of fruits, greens and seeds and grains, however you’d do effectively to additionally give your hamster small items of recent greens and fruit, Hess mentioned. You’ll additionally wish to give your hamster entry to recent water always.

Not all greens are good for hamsters, neither are all fruit and veggies. Stick with broccoli, parsley, apple, pear, carrot and turnips whereas avoiding onions, garlic, chives, leeks, lettuce, uncooked potatoes and oranges. As hamsters might be vulnerable to diabetes, you’ll wish to give them fruit (which is laden with sugar) sparingly.

How one can Clear a Hamster’s Cage

Hamsters want clear cages to maintain them from getting sick with various situations, together with ailments which are transmittable to people, Hess mentioned. Comply with these steps for cleansing your hamster’s cage:

  • Transfer your hamster to a protected space: so long as you may maintain your hamster from rolling off someplace whilst you aren’t wanting, an train ball can be a perfect spot to maintain your hamster whereas cleansing it’s cage. A second cage or deep container that your hamster can’t get out of may also work.
  • Eliminate bedding: don’t fear about cleansing your hamster’s bedding, simply throw it away and begin recent. Hamsters can typically hoard their meals, Cribbs mentioned, so tossing the bedding each time you clear will assist stop it from bolding.
  • Wash the cage: use common cleaning soap and heat water to totally rinse and clear your hamster’s cage or container. Should you use vinegar, bleach or another sort of cleansing product on the container, ensure all the pieces is totally cleaned off and dried earlier than including new bedding and returning your hamster again to its cage.

How one can Take care of Child Hamsters

In case your hamsters breed otherwise you take house a pregnant hamster, you’ll have to know find out how to look after the infants, which might be typically straightforward to do at first. “Irrespective of how onerous it’s you need to depart them alone for no less than every week,” Cribbs mentioned. “Simply feed and water them and that’s all.”

Cribbs provides these further ideas for caring for child hamsters:

  • Get a sheet: cowl the cage with a sheet to offer the mom a possibility to used to her new household additionally maintain odd smells off the infants, which can decrease the chance of the mom harming them.
  • Take a break from cleansing: give your hamsters their very own area for the primary week, after which start cleansing the cage once more.
  • Add protein: to the mom’s food regimen whereas she nurses. This could embody small items of boiled egg and hen.
  • Separate the hamsters: finally, the hamsters will must be separated, which might be performed within the type of buying new cages for them to dwell in or rehoming the infants to new pet mother and father. Dwarf hamsters must be sexed and separated at about 4 to 5 weeks previous; Syrians at about six weeks. Not separating your hamsters can encourage preventing amongst them, unfold ailments and encourage much more pregnancies.